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Let’s get to the root cause of your condition and create a holistic treatment plan that finally fixes it.








Kelly Manicke ANP-BC

Kelly graduated from Purdue University in 2008 with a Master’s Degree as an Adult Nurse Practitioner. She is board certified through ANCC. She graduated from the University of Southern Indiana in 2006 with Bachelor of Science Degrees in both Nursing and Health Sciences. In 2005, she completed her Associate’s Degree in Nursing through USI. Kelly has worked in a variety of practice settings, including cardiology (inpatient and outpatient), cardiothoracic surgery and critical care. She has also served as a visiting lecturer in IUPUI’s nursing program. She has completed coursework through the Institute of Functional Medicine and is currently enrolled in their certification program. In addition to this, she has completed multiples courses in weight loss, hormone replacement therapy, peptide therapy, and both didactic and hands on aesthetic training.

Personalized Medicine

How it Works



During the initial consultation with Kelly you will discuss what you’d like help with, your diet, lifestyle, and genetic factors that influence your overall health.



As a client, you become an active partner in all decisions. Together, we will build a plan that is sustainable for your lifestyle and empowers you to be in charge of your health.


Make Adjustments if needed

After beginning your plan we will have a follow-up appointment in which you’ll discuss how your treatment plan is going, how you feel on the plan, and any adjustments to your plan if needed.

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Elevate Now Offers Candela EXCEED™
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Elevate is the ONLY clinic in the area utilizing the first FIRST FDA-cleared, dual-indicated medical microneedling system – EXCEED™, and it’s changing the game for treating acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles.

12 Weeks, 4 Treatments, and 1 Hour per treatment are all that stand between you and smooth, firm, younger-looking skin!

Carmel Functional Medicine

Symptoms We Treat


We utilize the latest body composition testing to look at your muscle mass, fat mass, and body water to establish a personalized weight-loss plan that fits your journey.


Let’s work together to find out what’s causing your hot flashes, low sex drive, restless nights, brain fog, and stubborn belly fat.


Our testosterone therapy will help you regain confidence, improve your sex drive, help with your muscle-mass gain, and boost your overall energy levels for more endurance and stability.


Your gut health directly impacts your brain, your hormones, your immune system, and how you physically feel. So, we’re dedicated to your gut health and promoting a healthy microbiome that supports your overall health.


Want to lose weight, increase athletic performance, have healthier skin, strengthen your immunity, increase your sex drive, AND improve your cognitive health? Then let’s put a little more pep in your step with our peptide therapy.

Brain Fog

Ready to clear the fog and reclaim your mental clarity? Don’t let brain fog hold you back any longer. Take the first step towards better cognitive function and schedule a consultation.


What People Say

I am so glad to be working with Kelly. She genuinely wants to help her patients and LISTENS. 

Kristina R.

Kelly has been nothing but amazingly knowledgeable and helpful as I have been on my health journey. I highly recommend her for anyone who wants a partner in their health journey!

Krista S.
I was able to get more done in 1 appointment with Kelly than I was able to with 3 primary care appointments.
Alexis S.

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