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Weeknight Family Meal Prep:

Instant Pot Friendly Recipe

Do you struggle with weeknight family dinner options that are both kid friendly and healthy?  We completely understand! We are often running children to and from after school activities (think hockey and lacrosse, all in the same night with two boys in a minivan!).  We have a rotation of dinner recipes that are easy, quick and are often made up of ingredients that are always on hand.  If it can be made all together and come in a bowl, we are onboard with it!  Seriously though, soup is a favorite in our house.  For our children who have monster appetites after activities, we will pair it with bread, sandwiches, fruit, or even quesadillas.  For the adults, a salad is super easy and we slice extra veggies to make a veggie charcuterie board for the kids.  We also ALWAYS double the recipe.  This gives the adults healthy lunch options too.   One of our favorite recipes comes from skinnytaste – her beef, tomato, and acini de pepe soup is always a hit.  It can be made on the stove, in the crockpot or instant pot – take your pick.  Here is the link for the recipe.  Comment below with your favorite family friendly healthy meal!  

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